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The following yardsticks will be used to evaluate the quantitative output of the different tasks performed in the network:

  • 3 CE roadmaps which define strategic needs and vision for CE in Europe
  • 1 extended CE taxonomy with sub taxonomies
  • 150 CE project descriptions in the CE projects WWW site
  • 100 CE tools and methods in the CE tools WWW site
  • 25 industrial cases in the CE best practice WWW site
  • 200 organisations in the CE Who Is Who WWW site
  • 1 project brochure
  • 3 Annual Reports
  • 12 Electronic CE newsletters
  • 500 broadcasted customised CE information messages
  • 2 ICE conferences with approx. 160 delegates from industry and academia
  • 6 virtual workshops on dedicated subjects
  • 3 special interest groups and corresponding findings

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