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CE-NET aims to establish and further develop a well co-ordinated and effective support infrastructure throughout Europe in order to share and exchange the latest developments in the domain of Concurrent Enterprising. Therefore, CE-NET offers several services to the visitors of this website and its 415 members.

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  • Receive personalised information by email about interesting CE topics
  • 184 descriptions about what's happening in CE projects in Europe
  • 161 descriptions of methods and tools to improve your CE business
  • 33 publications on CE topics
  • 4 case studies how other companies improved their business with CE
  • 125 experts (55 companies and 70 persons) who are busy in the CE domain and willing to exchange their experiences with you
  • 1659 files for download including CE-NET deliverables, photos and proceedings of the yearly ICE conference
  • Get a discount on the registration fee of the yearly ICE conference
The latest news
CE-NET's contacts to other networksDecember 19, 2003
During the last years CE-NET has not only become a network of more than 400 people working for companies in Europe and beyond but also CE-NET has established contacts for cooperation with other networks. A new page on www.ce-net.org informs about the contacts that have already been established. Please check out our page Other Networks. If you are interested in cooperating with CE-NET, please co ... Read more!
Submitted by: René Stach
The next event
The MESM'2003 conference is the fifth conference after the successful start of the first MESM'99 held in Jordan and is organized by De Montfort University and the European Simulation Society. One of the major aims of this conference is to bring people from various parts of the Middle East in contact with colleagues working in modeling & simulation from around the world (e.g.. Europe, USA, Canada, Far East etc.). The other aim is to establish a local chapter(s) in the Middle East. This conference ... Read more!
Submitted by: philippe geril
The 10th ICE conference 2004 in Sevilla
The next ICE conference will be 14-16 June 2004 in Sevilla, Spain. Its topic is "Adaptive Engineering for Sustainable Value Creation".
The 9th ICE conference 2003 in Espoo
The last ICE conference (International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising) was held in Espoo, Finland, 16-18th June, 2003. The topic was "Enterprised Engineering in the Networked Economy". Please visit the ICE 2003 website for more information.


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