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Results & Docs

 Results & Docs
 CE-NET Project


This page shows the results/documents which have been created by the CE-NET partners.

  • Annual reports. CE-NET has issued two annual reports by now: the Annual Report 2001 and the Annual Report 2002.
  • Newsletters. CE-NET publishes a CE newsletter all 3 months. To download a newsletter, please visit the newsletter page.
  • The CE Taxonomy. The CE Taxonomy [PDF, 354k] provides a basis for structuring and providing easy access to information on the CE-NET website (members' area). In chapter 2 a brief introduction is given to the Conceptual Model of CE. A motivation is given for inclusion of some of the concepts added to this initial Conceptual Model. In chapter 3 changes to the initial model are discussed. In chapter 4 the extended CE taxonomy is presented. The explanation of concepts contained in the taxonomy is given in Appendix A. More info!
  • CE-NET document library. All documents that are published on this website, can be accessed through http://www.ce-net.org/downloads/. Note the subfolders, especially the folder attachments which contains all documents that are attached to our news and events announcements and the folder pictures which leads to our photo gallery of the ICE conferences 2001 and 2002.
  • CE Roadmaps. The goals of the roadmaps is to monitor the current business environment and trends, identify the industrial challenges and needs in the domain of Concurrent Engineering and Extended Enterprising in Europe, to define CE research and development needs for short, medium and long term focus, and to provide a strategic vision for CE in Europe and define a roadmap for RTD activities. Three versions of the roadmap are published. More info!
  • SIG "Collaborative Work". There is available a workshop meeting report [PDF, 339k]. The workshop was held by the Special Interest Group "Collaborative Work" in June 2002. Two presentations have been given: A presentation by EADS [PDF, 2.3M, members only] and a presentation by Renault [PDF, 1.5M, members only]. For more information, please contact Marc Pallot.

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