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The prime aim of CE-NET is to establish and further develop a well co-ordinated and effective support infrastructure throughout Europe in order to share and exchange the latest developments in the CE domain.

  • To promote the concept of Concurrent Enterprising as the implementation of Concurrent Engineering in the Extended Enterprise to a world wide constituency
  • To initiate the analysis of current trends and to provide a strategic vision on CE in Europe (long term focus)
  • To act as a catalyst for implementation of CE by industry
  • To collect, categorise and present knowledge on CE to a wide industrial and academic community
  • To provide a forum for developing focused initiatives in the CE domain such as special interest groups or groups for international collaboration, for industry and academia

The following yardsticks will be used to evaluate the quantitative output of the different tasks performed in the network:

  • 3 CE roadmaps which define strategic needs and vision for CE in Europe
  • 1 extended CE taxonomy with sub taxonomies
  • 150 CE project descriptions in the CE projects WWW site
  • 100 CE tools and methods in the CE tools WWW site
  • 25 industrial cases in the CE best practice WWW site
  • 200 organisations in the CE Who Is Who WWW site
  • 1 project brochure
  • 3 Annual Reports
  • 12 Electronic CE newsletters
  • 500 broadcasted customised CE information messages
  • 2 ICE conferences with approx. 160 delegates from industry and academia
  • 6 virtual workshops on dedicated subjects
  • 3 special interest groups and corresponding findings

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