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eWork and eBusiness in AEC

November 16, 2001

Since 1994 the European Conference of Product and Process Modeling (ECPPM) has been providing a platform to discuss a topic of utmost importance for the construction industry. The structuring of product and process information allows for more sophisticated collaboration and information sharing in this fragmented industry. At conferences in Dresden (1994), Watford (1998) and Lisbon (2000) over 200 papers were presented, showing the current state of the art in research, development, standardization and industrial implementation of the product and process data technology. In 2002, ECPPM is coming to Slovenia, a new country "on the sunny side of the Alps" and a candidate for joining the EU.

The objective of the ECPPM 2002 is to bring together researchers, members of the standardisation bodies, software and Web service developers and users from the construction industry to once again provide the overview of the current state of the art and chart new directions of the field. As traditionally at ECPPM conferences, we expect thorough reports form the construction related 5th framework IST projects as well as projects from programs like IMS, Brite-EuRam, Copernicus, EUREKA, etc. ECPPM will reinforce old friendships and forge new ones. It will help in establishing new partnerships or fertilize ideas about new projects.

Website: http://2002.ECPPM.org/

Conference topics: The organisers are looking for scientific papers, extending the state of the art, as well as technical papers, reporting industrial experience. The themes of the ECPPM 2002 include all the traditional product and process modeling topics such as:

  • concurrent engineering

  • product and process modeling approach

  • philosophy, paradigms,

  • theories,

  • ontologies

  • frameworks

  • methods,

  • tools

  • languages

  • modeling of a creative design process

  • product and process maudlin as a tool for

  • automation in construction

  • computer integrated construction

  • business process reengineering

  • paradigm shift

  • product and process modeling in management

  • information systems for construction management

  • construction management

  • facility management

  • asset management

  • risk management

  • information management

  • knowledge management

  • product and process modeling in business

  • eCommerce

  • product databases and catalogs

  • new and inventive business models

  • information technologies and tools supporting product and process models

  • databases

  • object oriented systems

  • middleware

  • schema mappings

  • schema inference and discovery

  • document management

  • product data management

  • mobile networking

  • Internet portals

  • web portals

  • communication technologies

  • workflow

  • artificial intelligence

  • visualisation

  • standardisation

  • IFCs and STEP

  • XML and beyond

  • metastandards

  • work facets

  • basic research

  • applied research

  • development

  • implementation

  • use of product and process models

Submitted by: Ziga Turk

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