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2002 NEDSI: Extension for call

October 25, 2001

Dear Colleagues:

The tragic events of September 11th have left many of us unable to continue
our work productively. The Northeast Decision Sciences Institute appreciates
the impact that the tragedy has had on individuals, institutions, and
businesses. In light of these impacts, we would like to extend the deadline
for paper submissions for our March 2002 conference in Puerto Rico until
October 8th. I hope this extension will allow more of you to submit a paper,
proposal, or workshop idea.

Download: Extension for call of papers

I look forward to hearing from you.


Barbara Withers, Program Chair

Northeast Decision Sciences Institute

Barbara E. Withers, Ph.D.

Professor of Operations Management

School of Business Administration

University of San Diego

San Diego, CA 92110


phone (619) 260-2380

fax (619) 260-4891

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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