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CE-NET: Upcoming Events

November 22, 2004
Dear Members

Here are some brief details of upcoming events.

ESoCE-NET Industrial Forum

We would like to invite you to attend the upcoming ESoCE-NET Industrial Forum, 6 December 2004, in Rome. The Forum aims at offering an opportunity to Industrial Enterprises from different market sectors to confront own challenges, strategies and experiences, and to discuss emerging issues and best opportunities of competitiveness from the deployment of new methods and approaches in the constitution and management of product and service Value Networks.

The event is structured in to a morning session, built around a panel of representatives from major international enterprises of different industrial sectors, SME’s Clusters and Policy makers, providing own view on the evolution of business environments, and discussing major challenges in new competitiveness strategies based on enhanced Value Chains;

An afternoon session split into 2 parallel workshops: 1) discussion is organized in two parallel workshops, one on innovative methodologies for companies' readiness improvement in entering industrial cooperations; 2) on legal issues in collaborative enterprises.

Full details, hotel info and registration is available at:


ESoCE-NET is the independent, non-profit association, established to further the aims of CE-NET after the European funding finished. We invite you to join ESoCE-NET at: www.esoce.net


The Symphony consortium would like to invite you to our public event named "The Future SME - Strategy, Networks, Competence and Performance" on Thursday the 25th November in the beautiful "Maison Internationale" in Paris, where you have the unique opportunity to learn more about a truly special set of innovative methods and accompanying IT tools for the management of networked small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Symphony's philosophy is to facilitate the growth of knowledge-based SMEs through a better integration with network partners - we have developed solutions for managing SMEs' most valuable resources - collaborative partnerships and people competencies.

For any further information and registration, visit our website online http://www.symphony-village.com/events.html.


The 12th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering:

Research and Applications - Next Generation Concurrent Engineering: Smart and Concurrent Integration of Product Data, Services, and Control Strategies.

Renaissance Worthington Hotel - Ft. Worth/Dallas, USA

25 - 29 July 2005



CCE'05: Challenges in Collaborative Engineering - The Knowledge Perspective in Collaborative Engineering.

Sopron, Hungary. 13th-15th April 2005

CCE’05 is the 3rd event in a series of workshops dedicated to industrial practices and new techno­logies for collaborative engineering. Collaborative Engineering aims at providing concepts, techno­logies and solutions for product development in dispersed engineering teams.


Details of all events can be accessed from the CE-NET events database.


Johann Riedel
Submitted by: Johann Riedel

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