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KM-AmI Workshop in Brussels on 14 & 15 October 2004

September 27, 2004
There will be a KM-AmI workshop in Brussels on the 14 & 15 OCtober 2004, title of the workshop "Bringing Knowledge Management tools to the emerging world of Ambient Intelligence infrastructure".
This workshop will bring together experts from the field of Knowledge Management(KM) with experts from the emerging area of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) platforms,infrastructures and middlelayers with the aim of creating a roadmap for deploying existing and new KM tools and technologies in the AmI area.
The workshop is organised by the consortium of the eu-DOMAIN project within the
framework of the Knowledge@work community and supported by the EU commission, KnowledgeBoard and MOSAIC project.
The workshop announcement, registration form and program are available on the following URL-> http://www.mosaic-network.org
Submitted by: Marc Pallot

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