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AMI@Work communities 7-9 June 2004 election of communities Chairs and Vice Chairs

May 21, 2004
You are invited to participate to the election of AMI@Work communities Chairs and Vice Chairs that will be held in Brussels on the 7 June 2004 during the
launching event of the Ambient Intelligence @Work family of ERA communities and the 'Applications and Services for the Mobile User and Worker' Strategic Objective projects.

You can register for the Launch Event until Tuesday, 1 June, on www.AMIatWork.com

The AMI@Work family of self-organising ERA communities links people in all 25 EU Member States (and beyond) for a European Research and Innovation Area (ERA) at work. This family facilitates new working environments innovation, ERA-wide and in EU 6th and 7th Framework Programmes of research (FP6 and FP7). It is supported by the MOSAIC and SEEMseed EU projects. The event on 7-8 June at Brussels Expo in Heysel, Brussels is part of the MOSAIC project. The event on 9 June at Centre Borschette in Brussels is hosted by the Commission.

The launch programme on Monday - Wednesday, 7-9 June 2004 will bring us together on 3 different days :

Monday, 7 June AMI@Work Communities 10:00-20:00
Monday, 7 June Family Dinner 20:00-23:00
Tuesday, 8 June Main Launch Event Plenary 09:30-17:30
Tuesday, 8 June 3rd&4th Call Focus Plenary 17:45-19:45
Wednesday, 9 June 3rd&4th Call & AMI@Work SIGs Networking & Partnering 09:00-17:00
These are the AMI@Work parallel community sessions on Monday for you to choose from:
Communities Initial facilitators EC facilitators

Collaboration@Work Wolfgang Prinz, Fraunhofer FIT Isidro Laso
Knowledge@Work Richard Ennals, Kingston University Paul Hearn
Mobility@Work Hans Schaffers, Telematica Instituut Michael Ziegler
SEEM@Work Miguel Borras, Antara IT Oluf Nielsen
Rural@Work Nuria de Lama, Moviquity John Nolan (tbc)
Life-Cycle Management @Work Terrence Fernando, Univ. of Salford Teresa De Martino
Well-being Services @Work Niilo Saranummi, VTT Olavi Luotonen
Media@Work (NEW !) (tbd) Jacques Babot
The community sessions will include the elections of an acting Chair and Vice Chair for each community, from among volunteer candidates. Candidate statements and election debate regarding the communities' visions and objectives will be facilitated, both beforehand at the collaborative space of the AMI@Work communities and at the AMI@Work community sessions on Monday, 7 June.

Together the elected Chairs and Vice Chairs will lead the way as the AMI@Work family acting Leadership Group until February 2005, when a wider Leadership Group 2005-6 will be created through electronic elections, by the individual members of the AMI@Work communities.

Erkki Liikanen, the European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society, has been invited to open the Main Launch Event Plenary on Tuesday, 8 June.

Already confirmed launch event plenary highlights include as plenary themes and speakers : The Vision of Ambient Intelligence and Mobile Technologies Emile Aarts, Vice President and Scientific Program Director, Philips Research; Member of the Information Society Technologies Advisory Group ISTAG

Support of Mobile Work by Wearable Computing Michael Boronowsky, Managing Director, Center for Computing Technologies (TZI), University of Bremen; WearIT@Work

Driving Innovation through Societal Reality Jean-Claude Burgelman, Principal Scientist, ICT Unit, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Mobile Work and Technologies for Systemic Innovation and Business Value Martin Curley, Director, IT Innovation, Intel Corporation

Future Mobile Life and Work - Enhanced by ICT Research, Systemic Innovation and Living Lab Testbeds Lauri Kivinen, Vice President, Head of EU Representative Office, Nokia Corporation

Wireless World Research : Human Perspectives, Future Service Concepts and Technology Platform Scenarios Angela Sasse, Professor, Human-centred Technology, University College London; Wireless World Research Forum, Chair of WG1 'Human Perspectives and Future Service Concepts'

Scenarios, Roadmap and Support for Mobile Work Environments Hans Schaffers, Telematica Instituut; MOSAIC Coordinator

From ERA to ERIA : Integrating 'Dream Team' Virtual Communities in the European Research and Innovation Area Peter Tancig, Secretary General, The Researchers' Association of Slovenia; former Minister for Science and Technology; Member of the Information Society Technologies Advisory Group ISTAG

Initial AMI@Work Communities Vision and Next Steps, by the elected acting AMI@Work family Leadership Group chair

For Wednesday, 9 June, there will be a self-organising opportunity to convene parallel one-hour networking and partnering sessions regarding relevant EU 6th Framework Programme 3rd and 4th Call project ideas, as well as meetings of provisional AMI@Work Special Interest Groups (SIG) for community-specific or cross-communities SIGs.

Each open one-hour project idea or SIG session will have its own collaborative space.

Project ideas may naturally emerge from or have connections to communities / SIGs. Communities / SIGs, however, are foreseen to create a thematic long-term view beyond one project idea. The acting AMI@Work family Leadership Group, to be elected on 7 June, will lead the way for the further self-organising of these ERA communities and SIGs, in the spirit of a European Research and Innovation Area (ERA), for collaboration and joint impact across EU, national, regional, corporate and professional projects, initiatives, networks and 'tribes'.

Whichever Launch Event days you choose to contribute to - and even if you cannot attend - you will be able to register for AMI@Work virtual collaboration at the AMI@Work Family Space and Community Spaces, supported by the MOSAIC Specific Support Action.

You will be able to register until 1st June. Early registration is warmly encouraged, as this will support our collaborative preparation efforts.

The hotel reservation service is already available. Special rates have been negotiated in hotels of different categories and location for participants at the launch event. For more information, please contact KEY LINE (tel: +32.2.474.84.78) or via e-mail keyline@excs.com, or enter http://www.keyline.be/new/dyn_index.cfm?EventID=1467325601 to make your on-line hotel reservation.

Submitted by: Marc Pallot

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