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Contents list for Organization Volume 10 Issue 04

October 21, 2003
The Interdisciplinary Journal of Organization, Theory and Society

Volume 10 Issue 04 - Publication Date: 1 November 2003

Critical Perspectives on Change and Change Management

Andrew Sturdy Imperial College Sci, Tech & Medicine, UK and Christopher Grey

University of Cambridge, UK

Beneath and Beyond Organizational Change Management: Exploring Alternatives

Andrew Sturdy Imperial College, University of London, UK and Christopher

Grey University of Cambridge, UK


The Tyranny of the Epochal: Change, Epochalism and Organizational Reform

Paul du Gay The Open University, UK


A Processual Analysis of HRM-based Change

Helen Francis and John Sinclair Napier University Business School, UK


Designer Deviance: Enterprise and Deviance in Culture Change Programmes

Richard Badham, Karin Garrety, Viviane Morrigan and Michael Zanko University

of Wollongong, Australia and Patrick Dawson University of Aberdeen Business

School, UK


Archetype Theory and the Changing Professional Organization: A Critique and


Ian Kirkpatrick Leeds University Business School, UK and Stephen Ackroyd

Lancaster University Management School, UK


Narratives of Change: Discourse, Technology and Organization

Bill Doolin Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand



Critical Management Studies Interest Group - Academy of Management Awards


Annual Index: Vol. 10 2003

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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