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New Concurrent Engineering Portal

September 16, 2003
We would like to make you aware of a recently launched -- newly designed

website of the International Institute of Concurrent Engineering (CETEAM

International)- a nonprofit organization. => www.ceteam.org

We are kindly soliciting your valuable inputs and suggestions.

You will find that CETEAM website contains an enriched set of portfolios of

menus/ topics focused around the theme of 6CEs (namely, Concurrent

Engineering/Enterprising. Computational Economics, Competitive Engineering;

Collaborative Engineering; Cooperative Engineering; and Communication

Engineering. At CETEAM site, we have set up special provisions for adding

new resources on Commercial Web sites, CE Published Resources, CE Int'l

Events Calendar, CE Educational Resources, CE Consultant Directory, CE

Discussions Groups, and CE Projects Worldwide. Take a look.

The new CETEAM web site will be regularly updated and maintained with all

the latest information. It will provide interactive links to all the most

relevant material on the web for those involved in CE, Integrated Product

Development, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), and knowledge management


We also have a rich set of our CE Reciprocal/Affiliate links. Please let us

know if you know of any new item to add in the above categories or items

that are missing from our list. Additionally, you may find convenient to

add this web site to your favorite list, forward to your friends (mailing

list), and sign up to receive our regular CE-newsletter or to receive

current contents of Concurrent Engineering (CERA) Journal

=> Comments and suggestions are always welcome and

can be sent via the site moderator, at: ceteam@ceteam.org.

All feedback is gratefully received.

Kindest regards,

Brian Prasad, Ph.D.

Chief Knowledge Officer

Spec2Market Solutions

Turning Your Ideas into Reality

P.O. Box 3882

Tustin, CA 92782, USA

Useful Web Sites:



CERA Journal =>

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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