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UK competition seeks the strangest conference name

September 9, 2003
Competition seeks the strangest conference names

A national competition to find the most inviting, unappealing, complex and

bizarre conference titles has been launched by the University of Westminster

to mark National Meetings Week, 6-10 October 2003.

Rob Davidson, senior lecturer in business travel and tourism at the University, explains: "We're looking for titles that make you sit up and take note: the good, the bad and the downright bizarre. "These could be 'count me in' events - those with very inviting titles - or the 'count me out' titles which sound somewhat repellent. Or they could be just the ones with ridiculously long titles - just count those words. "The winning entries will be announced during National Meetings Week - and there's a bottle of champagne for the winner.

"With tens of thousands of conferences taking place every year in the UK alone, there are lots of titles to choose from. This year's Luxury Wine Trends Annual Conference sounded quite appealing as did the International Massage and Bodywork Conference that was held in the Canary Islands. "Ones I would rather not think about include Dry Toilet 2003: The First International Dry Toilet Conference and the Focus on Fungal Infections event.

"And I wasn't sure whether going to the American Chemical Society Chocolate

Conference would be wonderfully indulgent or just the opposite."

Send your entries to Rob Davidson, Centre for Tourism, University of

Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS, email: davidsr@wmin.ac.uk.

Make sure to include event title, date and place.

The closing date is 3 October.

Press enquiries: Christy Lawrance, University of Westminster press office,

tel: 020 7911 5792

Rob Davidson, senior lecturer, University of Westminster, tel: 020 7911 5000

x3076, mobile: 07939 106 748

National Meetings Week (www.nationalmeetingsweek.co.uk) is organised by a

cross-section of individuals and professional organisations.
Submitted by: Angela Scott

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