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Knowledge Networks: Innovation through Communities of Practice

August 27, 2003
On July 5 2002, you published a call for papers for the above book (http://www.ce-net.org/news.php?show=238). This message is an update on the progress of the book.

We had a good number of replies and it looks as if we have ended up with what should be an interesting book. It has now gone to the publishers, but if you are still interested, there is now an "unofficial" web site. This site contains the table of contents with links to abstracts and biographies and a full version of the introductory chapter and the preface.

If you are interested, the "home page" for the book is:


However, this is really a hangover from the original call for papers; the easiest way to find your way around is via the table of contents:


This page links to each chapter as well as the abstracts, bibliographies and a full introductory chapter.

Submitted by: Chris Kimble

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