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Collaborative Work Special Interest Group workshop meeting report and presentations available

November 12, 2002
We are glad to tell you that the meeting report and presentations of the Collaborative Work Special Interest Group workshop are now available on the CE-NET web site: www.ce-net.org at the following URLs:

Workshop meeting report
Workshop presentations

All that you have to do is to register to the CE-NET web site to acces the member area to be able to download these documents. You can download them directly or in browsing the Resources-Miscealenous area. Whether you would like to become a CW SIG member and participate to the next workshop meeting during ICE 2003 conference that will be held in Helsinki (Espoo) in June 2003, please contact Marc Pallot at the following email address: m-pallot@imaginet.fr

Regarding the workshop program, please watch regularly the ICE2003 web site at: www.ICE2003.org

In case you would like to propose a business case presentation or a paper for the next workshop, please contact also Marc Pallot

See you all at the next CW SIG workshop in Helsinki.
Submitted by: Marc Pallot

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