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Network meeting on Management of IST Implementation - in IST Copenhagen

October 28, 2002
Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to join us for a networking session in the IST conference in Copenhagen.

The organisation and human changes that need to be realised in achieving a successful IST project requires expert management. This networking meeting brings together industry managers who need to make IST works, consultants who can bring practical experience and researchers with a wealth of socio-technical knowledge.

Contributors will share experience of a global PDM implementation project; organisation changes needed in a medium size enterprise implementation; IT hurdles for SME managers; and success and failure factors for enterprise system implementation.

The gathering shall seek to bring delegates together to explore opportunities in FP6 programme.

The session is currently a proposal. The decision to allow the proposal to become a session depends on the number of people who express interest.

The web link to the proposal is


I would appreciatie if you can go the the page and submit your interest. Please also make known to other colleagues so that we can have a good session.

Many thanks.

Submitted by: Dr Ip-Shing Fan

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