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New Publication: The Design of Innovation

September 18, 2002
Message from David E. Goldberg

Professor & IlliGAL Director

I would like to take a moment to alert you to the publication of my new

book, The Design of Innovation: Lessons from and for Competent Genetic

Algorithms (Kluwer, 2002, www-doi.ge.uiuc.edu/).

Specifically, the book investigates (1) the theory and design of so-called

competent genetic algorithms (compGAs) and (2) the similarity between compGAs and certain processes of human innovation. The argument is made in words, mathematics, and computer simulation, although the basic message can be accessed with or without following the math in detail.

The book develops theory and GA designs for one facet of innovation, what I have called selectorecombinative or cross-fertilizing innovation. I believe the placement of cross-fertilizing innovation on computational-mathematical terra firma bodes well for the use of these methods across the spectrum of modern enterprise. The work also suggests that understanding innovation in a more principled way opens the door to social sciences that more clearly account for the innovative and creative potential of their subject actors.

Please visit the book website at to find an order form offering The Design of Innovation at a 25% discount.

I am also offering An 8-lecture online short course based on the book.

More information about the online short course, registration forms, and a

free 50-minute preview lecture may be found at the URL http://online.engr.uiuc.edu/shortcourses/innovation/index.html. I hope to see you on-line.

For information regarding current research, I encourage you to visit the Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL) web site at www-illigal.ge.uiuc.edu/

I hope you will consider joining the growing group of colleagues who are reading and enjoying The Design of Innovation today. Moreover, if you act before September 30, 2002, you will save 25% off the list price.


David E. Goldberg

Professor & IlliGAL Director
Submitted by: Angela Scott

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