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Looking for Partners - Leonardo programme

September 6, 2002
Please express your interest in the following to our member,

Peter Kovesd

Trebag Ltd.



Deadline: 4 Nov 2002

The new call of Leonardo da Vinci programme 2003-2004 is ready. See


You can find a file at:http://www.ce-net.org/downloads/attachments/2002-09-06%20call_2003_en.pdf

Call for proposals under the second phase of Leonardo da Vinci Programme:

The Call has 3 priorities and two thematic actions. Trebag suggest making a pilot project based on the CE-NET programme under the frame of the 2nd priority.

We think we could start a project for SMEs, and the goal of the project would be a training about competitveness of SMEs.

The huge knowledge base of CE-NET would be perfect curriculum for the training development material.

Trebag offer that the members of the project could be some consortium member of CE-NET. If necessary they will help in writing and drawing the application gladly.

It would be an excellent source of additional funding as well as a good reference to taking part with a project in Leonardo programmes.

(As a plus the inclusion in the partnership of actors from candidate countries will be considered as an additional element of quality.)

We wonder your opinion.

Waiting for your answer,

Best regards,

Peter Kovesd

Trebag Ltd.



Submitted by: Angela Scott

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