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PRIME Faraday Industrial CASE Studentships 2002/20

June 7, 2002

PRIME Faraday Industrial CASE Studentships 2002/2003

The PRIME Faraday partnership is pleased to announce that it has a new

allocation of industrial CASE studentships available for the financial year

2002/2003. We are now seeking to award these to Academic and Industrial

partners (preferably, but not exclusively SMEs) with suitable three-year

PhD projects that are related to the PRIME Faraday domain of activities.

What are Industrial CASE studentships?

Through the Industrial CASE scheme, studentships are allocated directly to

companies. This enables the company to take the lead in defining projects

for students and selecting an academic partner of their choice. The company

and academic institution may then jointly select a suitable, eligible

student. Projects must be generally be in the engineering or physical

sciences discipline and are jointly supervised by the academic and

industrial partners. Typically the project will be company based and the

research student will be expected to spend a significant part of their time

on the company premises. The studentships available through the PRIME

Faraday Partnership should be used on projects that are related to the

electronic/electro-mechanical domain. See http://www.primefaraday.org.uk

for more information about the PRIME Faraday partnership and its activities.

What are the eligibility rules for research students?

Current EPSRC rules apply, so candidates must satisfy two key eligibility


1. A relevant connection with the United Kingdom (UK), usually through


2. First or upper second class honours degree or equivalent.

Full details of how these requirements may be met are to be found on the

EPSRC website: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk.

How do the finances work?

For each award EPSRC will contribute 39,175 (a higher rates applies for

London) into the nominated academic partner’s Doctoral Training Account

over the three years of the award. The industrial partner must pay a minimum of 4,400 per year to the Academic partner as a contribution towards project costs. The proportion of this funding used to top-up the research student’s grant is a matter of negotiation between the academic and industrial partners. The PRIME Faraday Partnership may also have access to additional DTI funding to

enhance these studentships by covering training costs up to 3000.

Application for this additional funding should be made directly to the

PRIME Faraday Partnership.

Are there examples of recent projects?

Recent projects topics have included: Textile lace cutting research;

Condition Monitoring of transport belts; the use of acoustic emission in

condition based maintenance of complex high speed machinery; and 3D X-ray


What is the application procedure?

An application form may be downloaded through the EPSRC or the PRIME

Faraday websites. Advice should be sought from one of the contacts below

before completing an application form as no application form will be

considered by EPSRC without a valid allocation number.

Who should I contact for further information?

For further information about the Industrial CASE studentships available

through the PRIME Faraday Partnership, please contact:

Paul .J. Palmer, Technical Manager.

Email: p.j.palmer@lboro.ac.uk

tel 01509 22762 or

Dr Kathryn Walsh, Director.


tel: 01509 227673

PRIME Faraday Partnership,

Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,

Loughborough University,



LE11 3TU

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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