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Moulds Event 2002, 7-11th October - Portugal

April 10, 2002
On the 7th to the 11th October 2002, Portugal will be the geocentric capital of the Mould and Die Industry.

Following the success of 2000 moulds event, Centimfe (Technological Center for the Moulds, Special Tooling and Plastics Industries) and Cefamol(National Association of Mould and Die Industry) are preparing the organisation of Moulds Event 2002. It will happened on 7th to the 11th October 2002, at Centimfe facilities,in Marinha Grande and also at Oliveira de Azeméis (Portugal).

Embracing the competitiveness challenge imposed by a global economy, the Moulds Event 2002 will comprise the consistent integration of adding value seminars, conferences and workshops, towards the edification of an environment prone to innovativeness.

International industrialists, suppliers and researchers will be brought together to exchange information, share ideas and discuss proposals towards a Sustainable Development of the International Mould and Die Industry.

Moulds event 2002 will integrate the Brokerage Event Moulds and Dies 2002 - Sustainable Systems for Productivity; RPD Event - Rapid Product Development - Advanced Solutions and Development and the International Conference - Moldes Portugal 2002.

More information is available at http://www.mouldsevent.com

We are at your disposal for any contact, please don't hesitate if you have any doubt.

Best Regards

Joana Santos


PO Box 313

2431-904 Marinha Grande


phone +351244545600

fax +351244545601

email: events@mouldsevent.com

(or: eventos@centimfe.com)

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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