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RPD Conference, 8-9th October 2002 - Portugal

April 10, 2002

On 8th and 9th October 2002 will take place at Centimfe facilities (Marinha Grande - Portugal), the RPD - Rapid Product Development, under the theme "Advanced Solutions and Development".

RPD will comprise conferences and a technological exhibition dedicated to Product Development and Rapid Manufacturing Technologies, presenting the latest developments, products and services for Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, CAD/CAE/VR, among other.

We would like to invite you to speak about successful projects and ideas. For that, you must submit contributions (papers) in the following areas:

  • Rapid Prototying;

  • Rapid Tooling;


  • Mouldmaking;

  • Reverse Engineering;

  • Applications of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling;

  • Communications/Information;

  • Design Management/Engineering;

  • New Trends in Product Development;

  • Materials

  • Abstracts of papers must be sent to Centimfe (rpd@mouldsevent.com) until 30th April, in english. It should not have more than 200 words, and must contain a title, an abstract of the overall paper, name, adress and email of the author.

    Copies of the abstracts will be forwarded to the Technical Committee for review and selection, and then the author will be notified by mail. Abstracts can be accepted, accepted with revisions and rejected.

    Completed Papers must be sent to Centimfe until 30th June 2002.


    Papers must be written in English;
    It must not be of commercial nature;
    Each paper must contain a short biographical, not to exceed 100 words outlining the essential points of author's carreer. It must be sent under separate cover.

    Papers Format:
    Papers must not exceed 5 pages (A4) and must be presented in editable format (Word);
    Heads must be bold and 12 pt, Arial and Centered. Use double spacing between those heads and the text which follows;
    Subheads must be bold, 12 pt , Arial and flush left;
    All the text which follows must be justified and 10 pt Arial;
    Title of paper, name, company and adress must be on the first page. Title should be in 12 pt, Arial and Bold.

    For further information about RPD event and Moulds Event 2002 visit us on www.mouldsevent.com

    We are at your disposal for any further information you may need.

    Looking forward to meeting you on RPD and Moulds Event 2002,
    accept our Best Regards

    Joana Santos

    PO Box 313
    2431-904 Marinha Grande
    phone +351244545600
    fax +351244545601
    email: events@mouldsevent.com
    (or: eventos@centimfe.com)

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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