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2002 'Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise'

March 28, 2002
2002 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises

Nominations Due

We urgently require your nominations for the 2002 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study. Your participation is critical to the success of the study.

As a leading knowledge management practitioner, you have been selected by Teleos to form part of the 300-strong expert panel. Additionally, senior executives at Global Fortune 500 companies will participate in the 2002 MAKE study.

Inaugurated in 1998, the 5th annual MAKE study is an established benchmark for knowledge-based organizations. This research seeks to identify organizations which are creating, sharing and using knowledge to become leaders in the new economy.

The electronic questionnaire will require less than 5 minutes to complete. Simply visit the Teleos website and click on http://www.knowledgebusiness.com/nonmembers/makesm.asp and follow the survey instructions.

An executive summary of the 2002 MAKE study and winners will be published on the Teleos website. The executive summary also can be e-mailed to you upon request.

Information and contact details contained on the individual completed questionnaires are confidential and will not be released in any form to third parties. From the completed questionnaires one will be picked at random and Teleos will donate US$100 to the winner's charity of choice.

Complete the 2002 MAKE questionnaire, and in return you'll learn who are the most admired organizations in the new knowledge economy. Nominations close shortly, so send in your completed questionnaire now.

Rory L. Chase

Managing Director


PS Teleos will announced the winners of the 1st Asian MAKE study at the 3rd World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Korea, in October 2002.



E-mail: info@knowledgebusiness.com

Website: http://www.knowledgebusiness.com

2002 Teleos. MAKE is a service mark of Teleos.

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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