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Educating Managers with Tomorrow's Technologies

March 14, 2002


Educating Managers with Tomorrow's Technologies. Charles Wankel and

Robert DeFillippi (Editors) Information Age Press, Greenwich, CT.

This second volume in the Research in Management Education and

Development series will cover technology-based innovations in management


Suggested topics for chapter proposals include:

  • New Technologies in Green Management Education

  • New Technologies for teaching business ethics

  • New and emerging uses of technology in management education.

  • Web and Net applications.

  • Technological advances in management simulations.

  • Intelligent tutoring.

  • Advances in distance learning.

  • Virtual collaboration.

  • Curricula leveraging new technology.

  • Partnerships in using new technology.

  • Teaching/learning in contexts of new technologies.

  • Addressing technology deficits in management education

  • Global issues and technological solutions.

  • Sharing solutions in new technologies.

  • Learning technologies.

  • New media.

Schedule for Publication:

  • Book chapter proposals received April 6, 2002

  • Notification of accepted chapter proposals April 20, 2002

  • Receive full book chapters September 1, 2002

  • Review book chapters, and give feedback October 15, 2002

  • Receive final book chapters November 15, 2002

  • Final book received by publisher December 31, 2002.

Submit proposals by Microsoft Word email attachment. Include a brief

biography covering current institutional affiliation and position, and a

listing of your relevant publications, and educational background.

Send proposals and inquiries to both:

Charles Wankel, St. Johns University wankel@stjohns.edu

Robert DeFillippi, Suffolk University rdefilli@suffolk.edu

Submitted by: Matteo Calbucci

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