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ASME DETC Engineer'g design conf. Oct 2002 -Canada

January 16, 2002

The ASME DETC series of conferences is one the world's leading gathering in

the area of engineering design. The 2002 conference is to be held in

September 29 - October 2, 2002 Montreal, CANADA.


Part of the event is the 14th International Conference on Design Theory and


A special session is to be held on the Socio-Technical Aspect of Design.

Engineering design has been the domain of the 'hard' scientific community.

The 'how' and 'why' of design has been studied and made into theories and

methodologies. The extent to which these theories and methodologies are

applied in industry is rather limited.

Design as a human activity has been in existence from the beginning of the

human race. Man engages in design engineering as an individual as well as

an organisation. Design has also been studied as a human organisation

activity from the angle of psychology, social science and management.

This session aims to solicit papers from the 'soft' or 'softer' angle to

share their insights with the engineering community that has been the core

of the ASME DETC events.

Additional papers are now solicited for this session. The normal review

process for ASME conferences applies.

The paper submission deadline is 25th January 2002(Friday).

Please send the submission to me in the first instance so that I can

coordinate the processing as a batch.

I look forward to seeing you in Montreal.



Dr Ip-Shing Fan Tel : +44 1234 754 073(intl)

Enterprise Integration/CIM 01234 754 073(UK)

Cranfield University Fax : +44 1234 750 852

Cranfield, Bedford 01234 750 852(UK)

MK43 0AL Email : i.s.fan@cranfield.ac.uk

United Kingdom http://www.cranfield.ac.uk


Submitted by: Angela Scott

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