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National Conf, Nv 2002 UK, Small Businesses

January 16, 2002


25th Institute of Small Business Affairs National Small Firms Policy &

Research Conference, "Competing Perspectives of Small Business and


13th-15th November 2002, Doctoral Day 12th November 2002.

Our understanding of small firms continues to grow, as does the literature

on small firms. However, any analysis of the small business research output

reveals multiple perspectives, some of which appear to produce

contradictory results. This conference sets out to expose the apparent

contradictions and tensions in order to provide greater clarity, encourage

innovative thinking and suggest positive agendas for the future. Thus we

hope that the theme of the conference "Competing Perspectives of Small

Business and Entrepreneurship" will allow us to surface the tensions to

create better understanding.

The competing perspectives may be related to the audience being addressed

for example, policy makers or academics. Should the aims of the business be

personal or economic? Should we look at small firms from a regional,

national or international viewpoint? What are the impacts of different

stages of economic development? Do small firms in developing and developed

countries have different problems and issues? Should policy makers leave

small firms alone and let market forces sort out the world or should they


The conference theme will encourage many facets of our understanding of

small firms to be explored including methodological and policy issues and

how the perspectives chosen may impact upon our understanding and upon

potential implications for policy makers.

Further details are available at the conference website:


We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Aidan Berry and Lew Perren

Submitted by: Angela Scott

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