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Total Vehicle Technology - Nov. 2002 - U.K.

January 15, 2002

Total Vehicle Technology 2002 - Call for Papers

Following a successful Total Vehicle Technology (TVT) Conference in 2001,

TVT 2002 will build on the achievements and again offer the opportunity to

cross "traditional technology boundaries" in vehicle design. The agenda

for presentation and discussion is focussed on what needs to be done to

increase the pace of innovation. The benefits of taking a broad view of

vehicle engineering were clearly appreciated at TVT 2001, and we hope to

expand the opportunities in 2002.

TVT 2002 is organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers,

Automobile Division, Southern Centre and will take place on November 11 and

12, 2002 at the University of Sussex.

The announcement and call for papers is attached to this message. We look

forward to receiving the abstract of your paper.

Best regards

Richard Stobart.


Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Automobile Division Southern Centre

Total Vehicle Technology

How do we get the innovation back into vehicle design?


11th & 12th November 2002

University of Sussex

Early developments of passenger cars were fresh and radical and the

imagination of the buying public was firmly captured. Now, nearly a

century after cars were first offered to the general public we have settled

into a routine updating of a well-worn car concept. Cars are generally

acceptable but hardly inspired. From time to time there is a radical

proposal, often as a concept vehicle that only rarely becomes a saleable


Technology advance often comes through the convergence of several

technologies, but car companies and their suppliers tend to be organized

along traditional engineering lines. Marketing functions tend to work with

what they have. If engineers cannot supply the radical then the public

will never know what’s possible. How can the mould be broken and radical

solutions emerge? How can we get back to the innovative atmosphere of

early car development?

The aim of the Total Vehicle Technology Conference is to take a vehicle

wide view of the design process, and to include the “joining technologies”

which are often neglected in conferences. Our aim is to create an

atmosphere in which fundamental question about how we do vehicle design can

be presented and discussed.

We would like to invite papers on subjects that will cut across traditional

boundaries as well as exploring the design issues in the major sub-systems

of the vehicle. Papers will review the state of the art or present new

results. Papers are therefore invited on the following themes

  • Crossing the boundaries

  • Control of hybrid vehicles

  • Power architectures and their control

  • Data communications

  • Car architectures

  • The use of statistical methods in vehicle development

  • Strategies for transport

  • Psychology, ergonomics and driveability

  • Vehicle dynamics – design and control

  • Use of materials in new roles – glass, aluminium, magnesium, plastics,

    ceramics, nano engineered materials

  • Energy transfer and storage

  • The design process

  • Models of design

  • Capturing requirements

  • Innovation processes

  • Concept cars

  • Using tools – CAE, QFD, FMEA

  • The software process and the car

  • Automating design

  • Propulsion

  • IC engines

  • Powertrain control

  • Fuel cell systems

  • Fuels technology

  • Lubrication systems

  • Thermal management

  • Using auxiliary power

  • Components

  • Bumpers and filler caps – innovation with the Cinderella components

  • Interiors and seating

  • Use of glass

  • Door design

  • Trim

  • Design of the engine compartment

  • Space allocation and layout

  • Using nano-technology in the car

Papers will be fully reviewed according to IMechE procedures and published

in a hardbound volume by Professional Engineering Publishing.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Automobile Division Southern Centre

Total Vehicle Technology

How do we get the innovation back into vehicle design?


11th & 12th November 2002

University of Sussex

Conference Activities

Paper presentation, discussion sessions, exhibition

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission 30th March 2002

  • Invitation for full paper 15th April 2002

  • Submission of full Paper 30th June 2002

  • Response to referees’ comments 9th August 2002

  • Conference 11th and 12th November 2002


  • Delegate Fee 165

  • Author Fee: 150

  • Student Fee: 75

  • Accommodation, University of Sussex: 38 per night.


Prof Richard K Stobart

School of Engineering & IT, University Of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, East

Sussex BN1 9QT, United Kingdom

Tel +44 (0)1273 872631 Fax +44 (0)1273 678399 Email r.k.stobart@sussex.ac.uk


Submitted by: Matteo Calbucci

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