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During the last years CE-NET has established contacts to other networks that are listed in the table below.
Network Description
CERC - Concurrent engineering Research Center West Virginia University Experience in designing, developing, testing, and implementing research prototypes; teaching advanced technical courses to academia and industry, in traditional classroom settings and via satellite and the Internet; organizing and presenting tutorials, panels, and papers at professional conferences and workshops; training industrial clients to use collaboration technology and methodologies; and re-engineering organizational practices
CETEAM - International Institute of Concurrent Engineering Set of portfolios of menus/ topics focused around the theme of 6CEs (namely, Concurrent Engineering/Enterprising. Computational Economics, Competitive Engineering; Collaborative Engineering; Cooperative Engineering; and Communication Engineering.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory at the University of Montana To provide a high quality laboratory experience for graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in courses that cover manufacturing automation, advanced material processing, or computer assisted and computer controlled manufacturing.
ITESM - Centro de Sistemas Integrados de Manufactura The Center for Integrated Manufacturing Systems is an organization who forms part of the Investigation and Extension of Monterrey Tech, its mission is to support and to transfer knowledge and technology to the companies in Mexico, by means of: research, projects with companies, courses, certifications, and laboratory services.
University of Holguin - Faculty of Engineering Research Group formed by 20 researches in mechanical engineering: Design, Tools and Methods, CAD, Computer Aided Tolerancing, Computer Aided Manufacturing.
Universidad del Norte Barranquilla - Colombia Research Center formed by 13 research groups in the different areas of knowledge in science and technology and in technological innovation. There is a group focused on Integrated Product and Process Design.

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